Opening my eyes straight into the year 2050 was the strangest incident that had ever happened to me. Intense hunger was knocking me down. I cursed myself for not carrying any food with me. I had not eaten anything from past three days & I could now realise its importance. Indubitably food was the most needed.

With very less amount of oxygen in the air, I could barely breathe. I ended up searching for the food around the dry & empty streets ushered by broken buildings, bodies & blood all around. Once a vast stretch of fertile soil carrying trees & plants were now bearing the dead weights of hollow people, commercial buildings & manufacturing plants. The clouds were parched in the dark sky-high with roaring thunders & lightning.

Adding to my fear was a stranger with a falling wet muscles & flowing blood, eating his own flesh sitting at a corner. I recognized him to be the then CEO of one of the largest soft drinks company. It was extremely horrific…

Another stranger who was weeping approached me and begged. “Pleaseee…. I beg you… I haven’t eaten a bite in a week.” He was pale and extremely thin while his skin hanged on his bones. I was left in a terrific shock. He held my hands to his forehead and said. “Pleasseeee…. I beg you Pleaseeee… Be my food.” And abruptly clenched my hands under his teeth. I immediately retorted and turned around holding my blood dripping hand.

To my surprise, I beheld an atrocious vista of thousands of slender unhealthy people jumping, falling on each other, killing and eating each other alive. A girl stared at her brother acutely and jumped onto his hands while a son pleaded sorry to his emotional father and attacked his neck. “Whaaaaattttt theeeee hell issss thiiiiiis?”

“We have done this to ourselves.” A man from behind replied.

“What happened to the food? Where are all the plants & trees?” I yelled.

“you are talking about history.” He replied. “Unfortunately one of us has to live.” He said and jumped on my neck and pierced a part. I yelled aloud which grabbed the attention of the people in front of me.

“He is healthy and fresh” They yelled and raced towards me pushing, pulling, killing & jumping on each other.

I tried to get rid of him, but I failed. They all jumped upon me and ripped my skin off my body, pulled my hands and legs apart. I screamed in agony but their hunger had a greater intensity of pain than mine. “What has earth & humans come down to?

“A place of profound horror.” I whispered opening my eyes to the present.

“What?” Every business tycoon sitting there in front of me were shocked.

“Humans can survive without pride, without luxury, without love, without clothes & shelter… but cannot survive without food. There are billions of people eating food whose count is mounting high every second but only few that are growing food whose count is going down every second.”

“What are you talking about?” The girl who was interviewing me asked. “We asked you a question… You are nothing without? Your Wife? Your Parents…?”

I raised my head above, staring deep into her eyes with extreme confidence, I replied….


“You are nothing without a farmer?” She asked.


Everyone started murmuring.

“Till today, On the verge of chasing profits & luxury, I think we forgotten our way home. No… actually we have forgotten that we have a home. We are headed towards a point of horrifying hell. We have to realize the danger before it’s too late. Time to break the glass & see the true reality that the elite corporates are hiding. Shatter the program they installed in our brains that farming is a low grade job. Do not forget that the civilization itself begun when a farmer held a plough…

Time to understand that the corporates who dictate our jobs & lives are the not the gods, but the demigods. Time to take a step that will encourage farming and improve the lives of farmers… or else the day when the man eats another man is not so far.






Farmers who taught us the way of living are now in a most vulnerable situation. For every half a hour, a farmer is committing suicide due to their debts. Water problems (distribution & storage), low rains, rising cost of living that these people cannot bear… The farmers are living in a hub of problems…

Our lives depend on the farmers. Farming is not a low grade job, instead it’s a great respectable job. Farming is the saviour of humanity.

Time to reprogram our thoughts and take some serious actions towards saving our lives coz farmers are and should always be our FIRST LOVE… & our country’s FIRST PRIORITY…


—-Exploracer @ Sai Nikhil Etikyala

Thank you

Sharada Negi

Published by nikhilexploracer

A story-teller, writer & Author holding high interest in the field of Science, psychology & History. I am a Mechanical Engineer, holding a Post-Graduate diploma in Management from IPE (Institute of Public Enterprise), one of the top B-Schools in Hyderabad. My ultimate passion towards storytelling turned me into a writer. My earlier works included a classic short story titled "A Rock" which was an instant success. Racing towards a dream that I dreamt at the age of 5.

16 thoughts on “GODS ARE DYING

  1. Nikhil,
    Loved it! What a beautiful way of putting your words into such a sensitive issue our country is facing.
    I was kind of wary how it started thinking, not another Zombie apocalyptic piece but you drove the point home so beautifully.
    Good job!! Keep writing.

    P.S- Proofread more carefully, Second para, Breath= Breathe.

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  2. Marvelous representation of present scenario. Thats been now main agenda in the recent budget FY18 by Arun Jetly. Its been farmer friendly budget. Hope to see the change in our upcoming generations.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A very beautiful and meaningful article describing the present India . I appreciate the way your thoughts have come out in this article . The title is also apt and creative ( the way you connected it to farmers ) . I am also glad that I got an opportunity to read my seniors work 😊 . All the best for your future articles nikhil .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Every single word you wrote is making all the people around to think twice !!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    You are always best in presenting your thoughts mr.exploracer 👌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

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